Who We Are

Who We Are

Solidaire Action is a community of donor organizers working to create political power for workers, stewards of the land, and LGBTQAI+ and BIPOC communities. We mobilize quickly to get critical resources and unprecedented amounts of solidarity to the frontlines of social justice movements leading the fight to transform power locally, statewide and nationally.


We hold a collective vision of radical giving that invites donors to transform political power in this country and our own relationship to power and wealth.

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The current economic, political and cultural systems that concentrate power and wealth must be fundamentally reimagined to fulfill our vision for social and racial justice.

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In social movements: people coming together to transform their own lives and improve the lives of their loved ones, neighbors, and entire communities.

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Supporting Black and Indigenous-led social change advances racial and social justice for all people.


Solidaire has funded C4 electoral justice work since our inception in 2013, moving over $5M to the electoral justice field. Solidaire is well placed to make a strategic and significant contribution in the fight to achieve and sustain meaningful political power for the left due to our deep-rooted relationships to movement formations. The work we have funded has been overwhelmingly BIPOC-led, multi-racial organizing in strategic and under-resourced regions. To learn more about our charitable 501(c)(3) activities, please visit Solidaire Network.

In 2022 we launched our official strategy to Fund C4 Electoral Power on the Left, a five-year plan to support movement-centered electoral justice strategies and win big. This strategy focuses on moving long term funding in communities that have been historically underfunded, including, Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian folks, immigrants, tenants, LGBTQIA+ folx, youth, formerly incarcerated people, workers and others, as well as people organizing to build political power in rural, urban and other strategic geographies. It is also anchored by our mission to fund work that intersectionally advances racial, gender and climate justice movements.


Our electoral justice funding strategy is grounded in the work and vision of our grantees. This strategy comes directly as a response to how our movement partners have asked us to support their current and emergent efforts. Our grantmaking in this area is reflective of our larger vision to fund both resistance work and efforts to build out alternatives for our collective futures.


Organizing is at the heart of our strategy. It is not enough that we simply fund in a values centered way through our grantmaking, we must also help ground and expand the vision and praxis of our members and other philanthropic allies. Our organizing goals are to have more intentional and aligned collaborations with the aim of mobilizing and moving more money to the frontlines.


We are undertaking with all our grantees a long term commitment to relationship building under a liberatory learning and evaluation process. This process includes being in deep connection and regular dialogue with grantee partners to learn from them about the ongoing realities and shifts they are creating and coping with. This ongoing conversation will be key to us learning if our strategy is effective and where it can be improved.


As movement leaders, organizers, and advocates ourselves, we approach this work with curiosity, integrity, and the audacity to challenge the political status quo that disenfranchises so many communities.

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