Marlena Sonn

Director of Finance & Investments

Marlena Sonn


Marlena Sonn

Director of Finance & Investments

Marlena Sonn, CFP(r) is Solidaire’s Sr. Finance & Investments Strategist. She was formerly the President and Founder of Amazonia Wealth Management, a New York City-based financial planning firm where she specialized in working with progressive, Ultra High Net Worth millennials, women, and family offices.

Marlena is a widely cited expert on personal financial planning, having been featured on PBS’s Nightly Business Report, Crain’s, and guest lectures at institutions including New York University, New School of Social Research, SOCAP, and the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US-SIF). She is a recipient of the Regenerative Entrepreneur fellowship, supporting her work piloting the first drawdown/GHG-negative portfolios offered to individual investors.

Marlena serves on the Global Council of the Sacred Headwaters Initiative, a new collaboration between indigenous leaders in Ecuador and Peru, working to permanently protect 60 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest. She also served on the board of Solidaire before joining as a staff member.

Her personal mission is to plant 10 million trees in the Amazon rainforest in her lifetime.

What Liberation Means to [Add First Name]

Tell us why you do what you do.

I have strong convictions around fairness and equality that has forced me off the sidelines in this uniquely unjust and unfair time in our society. I know what it means to be on the right side of history, and because of that knowledge, I cannot remain silent. Joining Solidaire represents the culmination of my efforts (so far) to be a better ally to the Black community.

What’s most important to you about being part of Solidaire?

Spending time with members and movement allies is the antidote to the PsyOps of constant bad news that poisons my mind against people. When I keep the focus on my Solidaire community, I remember the goodness, ingenuity, brilliance, strength and kindness of people, and that truth keeps me in my power.

What does liberation mean to you?

To be free of fear, and also to be free of projections placed on me by others. The ability to feel, express, to make choices and live a life true to one’s own authentic self. And I know that my liberation is bound to the fate of others; therefore, we must all be free, if I am to hope to be free.