Jennifer Hu Corriggio

Senior Philanthropy Organizer
Jennifer smiling outdoors in front of yellow flowers. she has shoulder length brown hair and wears a red sweater

Jennifer Hu Corriggio

Senior Philanthropy Organizer

As the Senior Philanthropy Organizer at Solidaire, Jennifer (she/her) organizes institutional members, campaigns to help transform philanthropy, and supports development of an integrated capital strategy. Her background in philanthropy includes serving as a Director of Philanthropy & Donor Relations at a community foundation, philanthropic advising for families and individuals, working with professional advisors, and advising philanthropic collaborations as legal counsel. Jennifer has been a Solidaire member since 2015 and joined staff in 2020. She has held both funder and fundraising roles, in both personal and professional capacities, and draws from these experiences to organize for Solidaire.

Jennifer also serves as General Counsel to Solidaire. Prior to working in philanthropy, she practiced nonprofit, corporate, and litigation law, and taught as a law professor. Jennifer has believed in the power of social movements since studying political theory at Cornell University. She also has a JD and LLM in International & Comparative Law from Duke Law School. Jennifer loves all forms of art and spent substantial time in Spain studying flamenco dance. A native Texan from a Chinese immigrant family, she has been living in the New York City area with her family for nearly two decades.

What Liberation Means to Jennifer

Tell us why you do what you do.

I believe in the power of social movements to lead us to a more just, transformed world full of possibilities. I also believe in leveraging the power of organizing and access to assets–whether social, capital, or skills in influencing philanthropy, amplifying different narratives, and co-creating a transformed future together. I refuse to believe that humans cannot course-correct their paths towards self-destruction.

What’s most important to you about being part of Solidaire?

This community understands the necessity of solidarity with social movements, building trust, and bringing courage and humility to the work, as well as the importance of leading by example to show that transformation is possible.

What does liberation mean to you?

Liberation is creating the conditions possible to live into one’s full potential, joy, authenticity, and dignity on both an individual and societal level.