Unity & Power Fund

Unity & Power Fund


Solidaire’s Unity & Power Fund moves money to the front lines of antiwar and racial justice organizing for a just and sustainable peace in Israel-Palestine. We uplift human rights organizing rooted in solidarity and mutual liberation working toward peace and against Islamophobia and antisemitism.   

We invest in movement building, safety and protection for organizers, and in urgent aid to those on the ground in Palestine. We include groups working in the United States, Palestine and Israel and prioritize organizations that face financial, political and legal backlash for their work.

The Unity & Power Fund moves resources quickly to movement formations building and maintaining organizing infrastructure to respond to political flash points. These groups face intensive backlash, stymied funding and threats to security and safety owing to their calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, critiques of Israeli and U.S. policies, and calls for Palestinian freedom. 

Organizers and community members are seeing a resurgence of antisemitic and Islamophobic hate and harassment in schools, at work and on the streets across the country. The Unity & Power Fund invests in political homes that can support collective safety in these communities while building solidarity across intersectional movements for justice.


The application submission window for the first round of the Unity & Power Fund has closed. Check this web page to learn when the application reopens. 

If you are interested in contributing to the Unity & Power Fund, please donate at the link below or contact a member of our Donor Organizing Team.


We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.

—Nelson Mandela

In 2022, We produced the Funding Freedom: Philanthropy and the Palestinian Freedom Movement report. Written by Rebecca Vilkomerson and funded by the Sagner Family Foundation, it looks at the extraordinary gap between the enormous amount of money raised annually to support continued Israeli apartheid and the amount raised to fight for Palestinian liberation. Funding Freedom exposes the strategies used to silence those who stand up for human rights and is a valuable tool offering human rights funders a road map for creating the conditions to give sustainably, consistently and without doing harm. Since the successful launch of the report, the independent project Funding Freedom has grown into a hub for advancing the role of philanthropy in taking an ethical stand on the side of human rights organizing. We are proud to serve on its Governance Committee.

We were part of the initiating group for Funders for a Ceasefire Now. We helped convene hundreds of institutional funders, individual donors and philanthropy professionals to sign the Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for all parties to adhere to international humanitarian and human rights laws. It is not too late to join the local funders, global funders, feminist funders, Indigenous and Black-led funds, and donor networks demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Photo in banner by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash.