Movement Infrastructure Fund

Movement Infrastructure Fund


In alignment with Solidaire’s vision, goals and grantmaking strategies, the Movement Infrastructure Fund supports work that provides long-term scaffolding for movement organizations to transform political power for communities on the frontline of racial, economic, and gender justice. 

The Movement Infrastructure Fund invests in bold visions that are often overlooked and underfunded. Supporting work that is led by those most impacted by injustice, the Movement Infrastructure Fund invests in movements that work to center communities who have been excluded from civic engagement and representation.

We seek imaginative, creative solutions that lift human dignity and political agency. We believe there is no shortage of grassroots genius and potential political leaders from within frontline communities. What is missing is the right investment in the long-term political power in worker, rural, and queer communities.


The Solidaire community is humbled to be working with grantees who are doing critical work in their community and are at the forefront of shifting political power. We are committed to supporting a diversity of tactics that can build power in overlooked and disenfranchised communities. Just over $1.5 Million of the fund was awarded in C4 grants.

Here are our current movement partners/ grantees:


Solidaire is currently not accepting new applications. We have committed to our current partners for 2-5 years and are actively seeking additional resources to support more important work. When Solidaire opens a new open application, we will announce it at least 6 months before a deadline.

If you are interested in growing this pooled fund, please donate here or reach out to a member of our donor organizing team.