Black Liberation Pooled Fund

Black Liberation Pooled Fund

Black Liberation Pooled Fund


At Solidaire Action, we believe that Black-led social change is not just about electoral justice for Black communities, but also about a broad and deep societal transformation for all. We work in deep solidarity with grassroots organizers in Black communities, working to coordinate deeper and longer-term resource mobilization for a network of Black-led electoral justice efforts.

Through multi-year grants, supporting general operating funds, the BLPF will fortify Black electoral organizing, embolden the imagination and creation of liberatory Black futures, and invest in the development of Black political power.


Collectively, the inaugural cohort of Black Liberation Pooled Fund C4 grant partners are doing some of the most profound work anywhere to advance Black freedom. This group of grantees reflects the depth, breadth, creativity and vision of the complex ecosystem of Black freedom fighters. This powerful work is happening across all geographic regions in the U.S. and on a range of deeply intersectional issues including: migrant justice, defund / decarcerate / decriminalize, gender justice, Trans justice, narrative change and bolstering movement infrastructure. 

The Solidaire community is humbled by the rigorousness of the work happening across the Black electoral justice ecosystem. Much of the work led by the BLPF grant partners is rooted in a Black queer feminist framework, an abolitionist lens and/or an anti-capitalist politic that seeks to build new pathways for political participation and power across the left in the United States.

We are committed to supporting a diversity of tactics that can build power towards Black liberation. Through Solidaire Action we have moved over $600,000 in C4 grants to the following groups:


The Movement Oversight Committee serves to ground and guide the Black Liberation Pooled Fund. The committee is made up of various movement leaders working across a diversity of fields within Black movement and Black liberation, as well as some funding allies who have worked alongside and funded Black social movements for years. The committee provides the Solidaire staff with regular field assessments on the state of Black organizing as well as feedback on the grantmaking strategy and impact of the Black Liberation Pooled Fund.

Hakima Abbas

Ingrid Benedict
Daphne Foundation

Jaelynn Scott
Lavender Rights Project

Leila Tamari
Formerly ArtPlace America

Monica Atkins
Climate Justice Alliance

Nwamaka Agbo
Kataly Foundation

Paris Hatcher
Black Feminist Future

Solome Lemma
Thousand Currents

Talila A. Lewis

Tamieka Atkins
Pro Georgia


Solidaire Action is currently not accepting new applications. We have committed to our current partners for 2-5 years and are actively seeking additional resources to support more important work. When Solidaire opens a new open application, we will announce it at least 6 months before a deadline.

If you are interested in growing this pooled fund, please donate here or reach out to a member of our donor organizing team.