Solidaire Action and our members are supporting some of the most innovative campaigns across the country. Learn more about our strategy, current movement campaigns, and campaign wins here.


We have long flanked movements by supporting innovation, risk taking, strategic moments and long term grassroots organizing. Our contribution as a funding partner rests, in part, on our ability to be deeply connected and responsive to our movement partners' larger vision so we can help fund their stated needs and the evolution of those needs over time. 

We fund organizations working to build progressive political power through different strategies including civic engagement, developing candidates, and building lasting campaigns and political organizations. We make multi-year commitments to organizations so they can take risks and innovate.


Solidaire’s C4 strategy is driven by our grounding values to build movement infrastructure while organizing to liberate wealth. This strategy also enables us to demonstrate the impact of moving money directly to our movement partners rather than through donor-centered intermediaries with uneven values, praxis and results. 

Our movement partners are advancing some of the most powerful visions for electoral justice and social change in the nation: 


Read below for more to find out what our network and movement partners have been up to.

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Mass Liberation AZ protestors during a May 2021 action demanding an end to political prosecutions and more

Solidaire Action FY24: Grantees Info & Strategy

Solidaire Action is entering its third year of relationships with 16 (c)(4) partners. According to our strategy, we selected these partners for their base-building efforts. While we continue to learn from many of our electoral funding partners that have a depth of experience in supporting national wins, Solidaire Action is clarifying our role as an entity that builds political power across working class communities and communities of color.
Image of Solidaire Board Retreat 2022, Smiling group in front of redwood trees

“It’s Not Just About Moving Money.” How Solidaire Is Challenging Wealth, Power and Privilege

Dawn Wolfe of Inside Philanthropy wrote an article featuring Solidaire Network and Solidaire Action. Wolfe tells the history of our network, shares our collective power to fund movements, and explores how we are pushing the field
Action St. Louis

Organizing for Black Power and Electoral Justice: Interview with Kayla Reed of Action St. Louis

Powerhouse organizer Kayla Reed shares her brilliant vision for social change, her excitement about the power of Black-led electoral justice organizing, and the mandates philanthropy must take up in order to support movements’ contesting for power.

The Time Is Now

With the help of our fiscal sponsor, Tides Advocacy, and a newly formed Advisory Board of donor members and movement leaders, we are honored to roll out a new strategy and a new website to expand c4 grantmaking. This strategy is a direct and deliberate response to our movement partners’ mandates for how to fund them to win for the long haul.
BLM protest

Five Ways Funders Can Support Movements Building True Multiracial, Feminist Democracy

What role can philanthropy play in leading us towards a more just democracy and resource social movements? We offer some reflections on the current moment as well as recommendations to guide social justice, human rights, and democracy funders.