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Solidaire Action gives quickly and generously and advocates courageously to repair the past and ongoing harms of society’s and philanthropy’s disinvestment from Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and other communities excluded from political power.

We are guided by our desire to be transformational rather than merely transactional, to bring more money, and more than money to the movement ecosystem and to our approach.

We do our part to invest in power-building by communities that have suffered inequity across generations, experiencing oppression and exploitation upon which the current political system has been built.


Solidaire members represent a wide range of roles within the broader giving ecosystem. From individual wealth inheritors and first generation earners, to those with positions on philanthropic boards and those who develop programmatic and grantmaking work, to those who advise and organize wealth holders, our members are poised to make an impact across philanthropic organizing.

Below are some figures that help give more life and depth to our vibrant, intergenerational community:

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265 Members

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23% represent a philanthropic institution

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19% identify as BIPOC

map of where our members are

Our members are based across the United States, with our greatest density in key regional hubs in New York City (25%), the Bay Area (22%), the Northeast (13%), the Midwest (8%), and the South (8%).


By becoming a member of Solidaire, you are joining a powerful community of donor organizers that are moving unprecedented amounts of solidarity and support to the frontlines of social justice and making real change possible.

Our collective work happens through standing in our power as donor organizers and resource mobilizers. To that end, all dues-paying members have full access to relationship building and convening, deep political education, ongoing learning and collaborations, and experiential opportunities, including:


Regular events featuring movement partners, where there are opportunities for deeper learning and relationship building.

Network Retreat

Annual Retreat for Solidaire members all over the country to convene together in one place to collectively dream, brainstorm, and learn together–complete with lots of joyful time to bond.

Regional Hubs

Regional Hub Gatherings to connect with other members and to local organizing.

Movement Leaders

Online Learning Calls and Webinars to connect with movement leaders and be in conversation with one another.

Political Education

Political Education and peer learning opportunities to positively transform relationships between donors and movements.

Working Groups

Working Groups around specific focus areas such as Indigenous sovereignty, Black Liberation, and more.

Critical Issues

Support critical, timely issues and movements, such as the Black Liberation Pooled Fund, which allocates resources to the powerful ecosystem of Black-led social change organizations around that country.

Philanthropic Network

Members have an entire network of philanthropic stakeholders in which they can engage around immediate frontline movement needs and opportunities to support movements and movement actors.


Memberships start at $20K in movement contributions and increase based on giving capacity. By becoming a member of Solidaire, you are joining a powerful community of donor organizers who are moving new and unprecedented amounts of solidarity and support to the frontlines of social and racial justice.

If you'd like to talk to someone on staff to learn more about joining Solidaire Action, please contact the Donor Organizing and Political Education team at [email protected].


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