Learning and Reflections Report  •  APPENDIX

AUGUST 5,  2022



Report by Shiree Teng and Tom Pyun, Independent Consultants
July 2022

Document Review:
Reviewed Solidaire Network’s library, including Board memos, Executive Director performance reviews, press clippings, website, and other external communications materials.

Qualitative Research:
Conducted 19 one-on-one interviews and 12 mini-focus groups that included 27 Beloved Friday participants. Facilitated two Board meetings to garner feedback.

Quantitative Research:
Conducted an online survey with Solidaire members to share their giving history toward social change movements from 2019-21 and projected giving from 2022-24 (n=25). Synthesized online survey results from Movement Partners (n=36).

Estimated projected giving for 2022-2024 was based on an anonymous survey of 24 Members with highest and lowest values removed, then extrapolated to 2/3rds of the present number of Members. We consider this a conservative estimate as it does not account for any future Members who may join the network.

We acknowledge at least two limitations to the contents of this learning and [e]valuation review, and they both have to do with choice-making with available resources. The first is we did not hear from movement organizations that are not already in the Solidaire Network. Similarly, we did not speak with foundation representatives that are not already a part of Solidaire.

So Much Gratitude

Thank you to our 19 Solidaire Members who we interviewed for your candor, insights and love for Solidaire:

Alethia Jones*
Deb Hayes Stone
Melanie Havelin
Amelie Ratliff*
Dimple Abichandani*
Michael Gast*
Brooke Lehman
Farhad Ebrahimi
Mijo Lee
Carla Fredericks

Ingrid Benedict
Rebecca Balter
Crystal Hayling
Jane Lerner
Robin Beck*
danielle west
Jason Franklin
Shannon Gaggero
Wendy Volkmann*

*Also participated in the Beloved Friday focus group.

And our appreciations to the 27 Beloved Friday mini-focus group participants for sharing your perspectives and reflections:

Alex Haber
Amy Mandel
Ben Griesinger
Chela Blitt
Claudia Leung
Cory Pohley
Eddy Zheng
Em Saunders
Erika Leaf
Evie Lovett
Isaac Lev Szmonko

James (Jom) Michel
Laura M. Flynn
Laurie Emric
Michele Chase
Micky McKinley
Molly Stranahan
Thalia Carroll-Cachimel
Tricia Wilson
Will Carroll
Yolanda Hippensteele

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