How We Work

How We Work

Solidaire Action seeks an end to racism, economic exploitation, and disregard for the wellbeing of the planet. We aim to help build a world where all people have power to shape the decisions that affect their lives, and to flourish.

We focus on moving long-term funding in communities that have been historically underfunded, as well as people organizing to build political power in rural, urban and other strategic geographies. We fund intersectional work that advances racial, gender, and climate justice movements. Solidaire is driven by our grounding values to build movement infrastructure while organizing to liberate wealth.


Our strategy meets Solidaire on our path to realizing our Theory of Liberation. It helps us live even more fully into the Theory of Liberation by, “radically giving and motivating new be transformational rather than merely transactional, bringing more money to the movement ecosystem, and bringing more than money to its work of social change.”

Our electoral justice funding strategy is grounded in the work and vision of our grantees. This strategy comes directly as a response to how our movement partners have asked us to support their current and emergent efforts. Our grantmaking in this area is reflective of our larger vision to fund both resistance work and efforts to build out alternatives for our collective futures.

We fund the following strategies:

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Protecting the Vote

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Building Local Capacity

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Advancing Long-term, People-Led Organizing

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Supporting Strategic Issues, Moments, & Regions

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Nurturing Independent Political Organizations


Solidaire funds across the country on a wide range of issues. We move long term funding in communities that have been historically underfunded, including, Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian folks, immigrants, tenants, LGBTQIA+ folx, youth, formerly incarcerated returning citizens, workers and others, as well as people organizing to build political power in rural, urban and other strategic geographies.

We have long flanked movements by supporting innovation, risk taking, strategic moments and long term grassroots organizing. Our contribution as a funding partner rests, in part, on our ability to be deeply connected and responsive to our movement partners' larger vision so we can help fund their stated needs and the evolution of those needs over time.

Black Liberation Pooled Fund

The Black Liberation Pooled Fund invests in a robust ecosystem of Black-led social change organizations.


Movement Infrastructure Fund

The Movement Infrastructure Fund will provide long-term scaffolding for movement formations and organizations.


Unity & Power Fund

The Unity & Power Fund invests in the front lines of antiwar and racial justice organizing for a just and sustainable peace in Israel-Palestine.



We are committed to supporting Black, Indigenous, and impacted people-led organizing.  We believe in the leadership of BIPOC communities to nurture their own campaigns, strategies, and leaders. Here are some of our movement partners and grantees:


National Organizing

Organizing in the South

Midwest Organizing


Our Voice Our Vote in Arizona

Black Liberation

Our Voice, Our Vote Arizona holding a rally for Senator Kyrsten Sinema to fund early childhood education in October of 2021. They organize Black and Black immigrant communities for political power and economic justice.

Mijente organizers

Immigrant Justice

In 2021 Mijente elected pro-Black and pro-Latinx city council members in Atlanta, elected 3 Mijente members to Boston City Council, and elected Mijente member Tiffany Cabán to New York City Council


Rural Organizing

Firelands Worker Action organizes working people fighting for rural and small town Washington. They represent farmland and timber workers and fight for worker's rights.