Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice


Solidaire Action has joined 112 institutional funders and 240 individual donors and philanthropy professionals to speak out for a ceasefire in Palestine and Israel.

Local funders, global funders, feminist funders, Indigenous and Black-led funds and networks representing hundreds of organizations or individuals, including many Solidaire members, signed onto the Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice in Palestine and Israel demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Green background with text, we call for an immediate ceasefire; safe, unimpeded passage of sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza; a stop to US and European funding and weapons for the Israeli military; adherence to international humanitarian and human rights laws by all parties

Green background with white text, with every passing minute we are losing more human lives - people with families and hopes, who once loved and dreamed. Our conscience moves us to speak out - we will not remain silent. Funders 4 ceasefire dot org.


Social movements are extraordinary in their capacity to respond to violence with steadfastness and imagination and mobilize people to transform oppressive realities. Alongside them, we envision a world where Palestinians live with freedom, dignity, and equality, with true safety for Israeli and Palestinian people and a just peace in the region. In the face of so much pain and suffering, we call forth our deepest sense of humanity and justice, to build this possibility together, because we know that none of us are free until all of us are free.
— Funders for a Ceasefire Now

We know that making public statements is just one part of anti-war organizing. We are so proud to represent a network that is meeting the moment by resourcing movements, showing up in the streets to put their bodies on the line and organizing their communities with love.