Christian Solidarity With Palestine

In a bold display of solidarity, three members of our community — Alexie Torres, Chris Westcott and Tricia Wilson — traveled to Washington, D.C. last week to participate in a profound act of protest with Christians for a Free Palestine. They sought to draw attention to the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and to denounce Christian Zionism.

A couple hundred Christians gathered outside the Capitol for worship service and communion in the morning, with unfurled banners reading 'Send food not missiles,' 'Jesus said feed the hungry' and 'Blessed are the peacemakers,' among other powerful statements. Later, protesters convened in the Senate cafeteria, disrupting lunch service for about half an hour until the U.S. Capitol Police arrived. The protest brought attention to Israel’s weaponization of starvation against Palestinians (the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, or IPC, has warned that the region could face a full-blown famine by May). 

The action led to the arrest of several demonstrators, including Chris and Tricia. Following her arrest, Tricia shared, “I am 61 and was arrested for my first time. I know deeply that it is a privilege to participate in this way, at this season of my life. If anyone is ever considering such an action and has reservations, I would love to speak to you on what it was like for me.”

Protestors, including Solidaire's Tricia Wilson, lock arms in the Senate Cafeteria. Some are wearing Purple sashes that say Christians for a Free Palestine
Christians for a Free Palestine protesters shut down the Senate cafeteria before getting arrested.

Showing Up for Liberation

For Chris and Tricia, this act of civil disobedience was about embodying the principles of compassion and justice that lie at the heart of their faith. Their actions remind us that faith is not passive; it is a catalyst for change and a call to action.

Alexie, Chris and Tricia’s act of solidarity invites us to take a moment to reflect on all of the ways that our community has driven, flanked and fortified the growing antiwar movement. Whether through contributions to Solidaire’s Unity & Power Fund, contributions to frontline movement organizers domestic and abroad, participation in political education and community conversation, storytelling, pre-election political engagement or direct action, there is no doubt that our community has shown up courageously for liberation. 

The trio also reminds us that we all have a role to play and we are in this together. Following the action, Chris reflected on the power of movement with a statement of gratitude: “I want to name and give gratitude to the many movement partners and comrades of Solidaire who helped make this action possible, including our friends from Political Research Associates, Highlander Center, Rabbis for Ceasefire, Soulforce and others. And thanks to many of you whose bold action and leadership in this work [have] been an inspiration and guiding light over the past few months.”

Solidaire members Tricia Wilson, Chris Westcott and Alexie Torres  smile. Alexia holds a sign reading Against Christian Zionism.
Solidaire members Tricia Wilson, Chris Westcott and Alexie Torres attend the Christians for a Free Palestine rally at the Capitol in D.C. on April 9, 2024.