Solidaire Action FY24: Grantees Info & Strategy

Solidaire Action is entering its third year of relationships with 16 (c)(4) partners. According to the strategy developed in partnership with our Advisory Board, we selected these partners for their base-building efforts. While we continue to learn from many of our electoral funding partners that have a depth of experience in supporting national wins, Solidaire Action is clarifying our role as an entity that builds political power across working class communities and communities of color. This means we see our (c)(4) investments as creating a bigger “WE,” especially in places or communities that are thought of last in many national formations — red states and “small” percentage identity groups, and among those calling for abolition and workers’ rights. 

Solidaire Action accompanies grassroots processes to build an organizationally coherent, strategically grounded left capable of governing and influencing local, regional and state policies.

For instance, Mass Liberation AZ is focused on Black liberation and abolition in Arizona, a state with a 5% Black population and the 5th highest incarceration rate in the nation. They understand that multiracial coalitions must be built to win while acknowledging the anti-Blackness that exists even in organizing communities in the state. This is where their abolitionist framework, attacking prominent county attorneys and the police department, helps to build a larger understanding of Arizona as one of the largest prosecutorial states in the country harming all BIPOC communities, especially poor, undocumented and working class communities. Mass Liberation AZ takes on public fights few others feel able to, creating a larger political field.

Mass Liberation AZ protestors during a May 2021 action demanding an end to political prosecutions and more

Caption: Mass Liberation AZ accompanied directly impacted protesters for a petition drop march on the #DropTheChargesMCAO campaign that led to the resignation of the Maricopa County Attorney

Another one of our movement partners, Warehouse Workers Action (WWA), is a newer 501(c)(4) arm of the longstanding workers center, Warehouse Workers for Justice. WWA is based right outside Chicago in the city of Joliet, Illinois, which is surrounded by massive warehousing complexes that make up the Port of Joliet, the largest inland port in the country. Initial funding from Solidaire Action helped the (c)(4) project get off the ground and has helped the group win significant local victories including flipping three of eight city council seats and winning the mayorship over just two election cycles.

The impact of local electoral victories in Joliet can already be felt. During their newest session, the council has reigned in the local staffing industry and moved toward the implementation of a progressive water rate that will modernize the city's waterworks while minimizing the burden on working families. While all eyes were rightfully on Brandon Johnson’s historic mayoral election win (which WWA also supported), WWA was also securing meaningful victories for workers in Joliet, Illinois’ third largest city.

Group photo of smiling Warehouse Workers Action organizers during the Cesar Cardenas for Joliet City Council campaign

Caption: WWA worked to elect Cesar Cardenas to Joliet City Council, his was one of three seats flipped for progressives.

As we approach 2024, Solidaire Action is poised to play a key role as an electoral funder. We are assisting movements in scaling power nationally as well as identifying and strengthening local groups that struggle to get consistent, long-term support yet are imperative to combating far right strategies. 

The deep partnerships we are building with the first cohort of the multiyear general operating support grants listed below seek to advance our goals of:

  • Strengthening movement capacity to fight and win against authoritarianism by increasing movement organizations’ ability to mitigate security threats posed by a fascist, white supremacist and antidemocratic right
  • Strengthening the capacity of movement organizations to absorb and develop mass numbers of people spurred into action by recent mobilizations for racial justice
  • Expanding voting rights and the electorate of poor people and communities of color by mobilizing new and unengaged voters at the grassroots level, increasing access to the polls and enfranchising individuals excluded from voting
  • Supporting a higher level of alignment and cooperation among organizations and social movements that work intersectionally for racial, gender, economic and climate justice

This cohort of movement grantee partners are building power in Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Montana, Ohio, Washington state and West Virginia, while seven partners organize at the national level and alongside state-based tables.

Black Liberation Pooled Fund - $550,000

  • BYP100 Action Fund - Founded in 2013, BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100) is a member-based organization of Black youth activists creating justice and freedom for all Black people. (National)
  • Dream Defenders - Dream Defenders organizes Black and Brown youth to build power in their communities and advance a new vision for the country. (Florida focused and national as of 2023)
  • Mass Liberation AZ - Mass Liberation AZ seeks to decarcerate and divest from the criminal (in)justice system. (Arizona)
  • Ohio Organizing Collaborative - Formed in 2007, the Ohio Organizing Collaborative builds multiracial, transformative relational power with everyday Ohioans for statewide social, racial and economic justice. (Ohio)
  • Our Voice, Our Vote - A member-led Arizona organization, Our Voice, Our Vote advocates for sustainable progressive public policies that address the pressing community issues. (Arizona)
  • Working Families Party - This group is building a multiracial party that prioritizes workers over bosses and people over the powerful. (National)

Movement Infrastructure Fund - $845,000

  • Asian American Power Network - This alliance of state-based Asian American(c)(4) organizations is building power to win concrete changes for local communities and to build solidarity across communities of color. (National)
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network Action/APEN Action - APEN Action is mobilizing over 30,000 Asian immigrant and refugee California voters to win social, environmental and economic justice for all. (California)
  • Firelands Workers Action - Firelands works in small towns and rural Washington to build a rural economy that works for working families. (Washington state)
  • Forward Montana - Forward Montana is a multiracial organization dedicated to helping young Montanans engage in the political process and shape policies. (Montana)
  • Mijente - Mijente is a political home for Latinx and Chicanx people who seek racial, economic, gender and climate justice. (National)
  • Native Peoples Action - Native Peoples Action gives voice to Native Alaskans’ ancestral imperative to uplift their peoples and protect their ways of life. (Alaska)
  • One Fair Wage Action - One Fair Wage is a national organization of service workers, restaurant employers and dozens of organizations working together to end all subminimum wages in the United States (National)
  • ReFrame Action - ReFrame is a national organization that builds narrative power to light the way to justice, liberation, healing and freedom for all people and the Earth. (National)
  • Warehouse Workers Action - WWA builds the power necessary to secure higher wages, better working conditions and stronger and healthier communities for Chicagoland warehouse workers and their families. (Illinois)
  • West Virginia Can't Wait - The West Virginia Can’t Wait movement seeks to win a people's government in the Mountain State. (West Virginia)